Güeyu Mar sardines - © Monica R Goya

Güeyu Mar is a favourite restaurant in Asturias. A five-minute walk from the spectacular beach of Vega in Ribadesella, its location is as breathtaking as the food on their grill.


But today it’s not about the restaurant, it’s about what you can buy to enjoy their savoir faire long after your visit. Their sardines. Olive oil and sardines, that’s it. It might sound simple but it took them over a year to develop a formula that respects the subtlety of Güeyu's grill magic and adapts the flavour, texture and aroma of the sardines for canning.

This treasure is available to take home with you and I urge you to do so. Not only to taste what will likely be among the best canned sardines you will ever have, but also to travel back to Asturias, to its sandy beaches and its soulful cuisine.

Playa de Vega, Asturias © Monica R Goya