Torimbia beach, an oasis of freedom

Torimbia, located in Eastern Asturias, is one of the most charming beaches on Cantabrian sea and Asturias' main nudist beach

Lee en castellano

Fortunately the merciless lack of regional planning that has distorted many other Spanish provinces in coastal territories as well as inland is nowhere to be seen in Torimbia. The beach is an ode to conservation and nature. You can only access it on foot via either a paved path from the carpark or a rough trail down the hillside. Boasting a shell-shaped beach of velvet golden sand lapped by turquoise waters, Torimbia is nestled between vibrant green cliffs offering idyllic breathtaking spots. 

Torimbia became a popular hippie hideout in the Sixties, when practising nudism was an act of revelry under Franco's dictatorship. Although nudism wasn't specifically forbidden by law then, policemen were entitled to fine if they considered that nudists were perturbing other citizens' morals. According to some of those who enjoyed 1960s and 1970s Torimbia, police couldn't be bothered to go down to check on people's behaviour, likely because of the rugged and steep paths to access the beach. Torimbia was an oasis of freedom. These days nudists and textiles share the beach peacefully.


The busiest months are July and August. The beach is rarely crowded but still parking anywhere near it is challenging as carpark space is scarce. The signs to get to the beach might be confusing. You need to cross the village of Niembro to access the top of the hill where the carpark is located. To your left, Torimbia,  to your right, Toranda. If you have the time and the strength I would recommend to park the car in the village and walk all the way up and down to the beach through the coast path. The rewarding feeling of having found a treasure the first time you see the beach is stronger on foot than by car.

If you visit outside the summer months you can easily have this wild beach to yourself. The average water temperature is 20C, it is 500 metres (546 yards) long and it can get windy. The distance from the carpark to the beach is approximately one kilometre (0,6 miles). 

Where to eat: San Pelayo restaurant is probably the best place to enjoy local produce and traditional Asturian foods